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Staying at the Homestead, fossil hunters will be pleased to be able to get up to an early breakfast and beat the heat on their badland quest for paleontological treasures, while not having to drive daily from town. Guests with children are welcome to hunt for fossils right here at the Homestead. Fossil hunting on the Homestead is specifically set aside for families with young children who would like to experience the fun and excitement that geology, paleontology and archeology offers while being conscience of the often limited endurance and frequent distractibility of young hunters.

We are equally pleased to announce that we have been working to expand fossil hunting opportunities. High Plains Homestead is now able to help fossil hunting adventurers arrange unguided day outings to explore some of the most unique fossil hunting geography in North America. Unguided day hunts occur on privately owned ranches within a short distance from the Homestead.

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Northwest Nebraska is generally considered high-plateau, hard-grass country. Adventurers should take into consideration the badlands, ridges, canyons, and creeks when thinking about what to wear and what to drive. Low clearance vehicles are not advised for those wishing to venture off established county roads. 

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The Hudson Meng Bison Kill is located about three miles up the road from the Homestead. This provides the public with an interesting view of 10,000 year old bison bones and Paleo Indian artifacts being unearthed and left in their natural state inside a huge, climate controlled building,. Take the time to explore the mystery of the site.

Up the road the other direction is Toadstool Park, a geological site that you must see during your stay. Agate Fossil Beds, also located here in Sioux County, offers visitors a chance to examine creatures from a time long gone in addition to one of the best local Native American displays in the area.

The fighting mammoths, or better know as the "Clash of the Titans" is a truly unique find. Discovered here in Sioux County, the "Clash of the Titans offers a rare snap shot into prehistoric animal behavior. Now on display at the Trailside Museum located at Fort Robinson (3 miles west of Crawford, NE), this exhibit is one of many unique fossil displays.

With recent airline and mailing restrictions, getting fossil hunting supplies to our rural area is getting more and more difficult. With cooperation from our local hardware store, Herren Bros True Value, Crawford, NE (308) 665-1600, we now have access to these supplies locally.

For regulations on fossil hunting on government lands contact the US Forest Service in Chadron, NE.