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Rock Hunting at High Plains Homestead.

Looking for a place to go rock hunting while on vacation? High Plains Homestead is a great place for Rock Hounds of all ages! Along with our abundance of fossils in Nebraska, we have large deposits of chalcedony and Prairie Agates, which make us a prime place for rock hunting.

You’ll find plenty of chalcedony on your rock hunting adventure. As most Rock Hounds know, chalcedony is commonly known as agate. Prairie Agates are scattered throughout High Plains Homestead and the Oglala National Grassland, and you’re sure to find plenty while rock hunting during your stay. Prairie Agates were formed in sedimentary rocks, washed down streams from Wyoming and South Dakota and ended up right in our backyard just waiting to be discovered by Rock Hounds.

In 1967 the Prairie Agate was designated as the Nebraska state rock, and Blue Agate became the state's official gemstone that same year.

Blue Agates were formed in wind-blown silt and claystone deposited in the Chadron Formation of Oligocene Age.

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High Plains Homestead is the perfect vacation spot for petrologists, Rock Hounds, and lapidary hobbyists. Tourists from around the globe have stayed at our Homestead so that they could explore the geology of Northwestern Nebraska and go rock hunting.