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High Plains Homestead, LLC Mission Statement

High Plains Homestead, LLC is a private, family owned, business dedicated to providing all visitors and customers a quality, rural western experience through good food, hospitality, and education that is inviting, safe, fun, informative and draws an appreciation for the area and the generations of people who have inhabited the NW Nebraska grasslands and badlands. High Plains Homestead, LLC is equally dedicated to the notion that the best way to be able to maintain or expand these services is through a general respect for the visitors and customers we serve, ongoing attention to fiscal viability and a team approach to service and decision making.

High Plains Homestead view at night.

High Plains Homestead, Home of the Drifter Cookshack and Bunkhouse will be reopening for the season mid April of 2018. Call anytime to ask about how we might help you plan your wedding, reception, group event or party.

We are taking 2018 reservations at this time and encourage you to call toll free to make your Cookshack & Bunkhouse reservations.

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Call 308-665-2592

Toll Free 888-365-2592
Local 308-665-2592
Address 263 Sand Creek Road
Crawford, Nebraska, 69339
On your first visit please follow the signs when leaving the highway.


16 miles NW of Crawford NE on Sand Creek RD
Our neighbors are Toadstool Park, Hudson-Meng Bison Kill, and the Oglala National Grasslands and Pine Ridge


"Dirt Roads"

Folks who live on a dirt road learn that life is a bumpy ride. It can be more of a jarring trip than you maybe had planned but it is worth it, if at the end of the road, you find friendship, hospitality and a genuine appreciation of family, neighbors and folks dropping by.

A “drive by shooting” on a dirt road means you or your neighbor happened to catch a wall-hanger buck crossing right in front of you.
Dirt roads teach patience.

When more folks lived on dirt roads, you soon learned that cuss words tasted like soap.

For those of us who live on a dirt road, the only time we lock our car doors is late summer so, when unattended, someone doesn’t fill it with too much zucchini.
When traveling dirt roads, “restrooms” are always available, for none of which do you need a key.

Dirt roads are how you get to your neighbors to put out grass fires, attend brandings, help pull someone out of the gumbo, attend weddings, baptisms, graduations and all other special community events.

People on dirt roads do not tailgate. If they did the guy in front would choke you with dust & bust your windshield with flying rocks.

Dirt roads help build character.

Folks tend to drive slower on a dirt road, which provides an opportunity to look and think things over.

Sure, there are inconveniences when traveling a dirt road, but maybe we have come to focus only on those, forgetting the rewards we once took for granted.

…the Drifter