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Welcome to High Plains Homestead

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To date, we have:

* Re-roofed 6 buildings, worked on the Schoolhouse roof, and added gutters to the lodging buildings.

* Heated the pool.

*Rebuilt the exterior and updated the interior of the duplex, rooms 5 and 6.

*Replaced the failing wall in the cookhouse.

*Made a community kitchen.

*Added flagstone and a large grill to the patio.

*Remodeled/upgraded the Sand Creek Cabin, and upgraded the furniture.

*Added 4 new RV sites with water and sewer hookups.

*Prepared the infrastructure for the new bath house that was brought here from Colorado, including a new septic system.

*Remodeled the fur shed into the Fossil shed.

*Updated and added electricity to much of the village and community areas.

*Moved and graded roads and access on the property to ease access to the new RV sites, and better parking for the Sand Creek Cabin

*Ongoing maintenance on signs, and boardwalks, cleaning, re-organizing, polishing, and improving every building. 

*Turned the Mercantile into a profitable consignment shop.

*Ongoing progress on updating infrastructure and amenities to the whole property. 

And the list of dreams yet to come:

*Getting electricity to the new RV sites and bathhouse (projected to be online in 2024)

*Picnic tables and a tree for all the RV sites, new and old.

*Finish re-roofing all the village buildings. (Started in 2023)

*Re-locate and repair the Homesteader house in the village.

*Add a chapel to the village.

*Replace or upgrade the pool, possibly enclosing it.

*Adding a playground area.

*Remodeling and updating the Cookhouse into a private group rental space with an updated private kitchen and bath and screened in dining addition. (Started in 2023)

*Build an outdoor (gas) campfire ring with seating at the end of the main street.

*Build a new house for ourselves allowing the remodel of our cabin for added guest use. (Started in 2022)

*Turn the area on the North side of the road into a group RV area, with a pavilion. (Started in 2023)

*Clean up the barn and corrals and add some farm animals to our Donkeys for kids to enjoy. 



With God’s blessing we have done a lot, with His grace we will see the to do list done out here where it is, “Out of the way and out of the ordinary!”

We are Neal and Heather Wolhart, your hosts at the Homestead! We have done a lot since we purchased this
unique place in 2018, and it is all thanks to you, our guests! Here is an update on our progress and hopes for
things to come. Changes are happening, so though we want to keep the Frontier Village and the history of
Homesteading at the center of our vision, we are moving the property forward in many other ways. To reach the intent
of our mission statement and to make this place a true group destination, we have started on many projects that will help make your stay with us a true lifetime memory.

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