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Cleaning at the Homestead

*  All rooms and furnishings are cleaned and disinfected after each guest checks out.

*  Supplied linens are laundered between each guest or replaced after 7 days for extended stays. 

*  All occupied rooms are checked daily and spot-cleaned as needed.

*  The Saloon, Community Kitchen, and bathhouse are cleaned daily after 10:00 am.

*  Hand sanitizers are available for guest use in these areas at all times.

*  The village buildings are cleaned as needed.  

*  Due to the uniqueness of the historic structures and their contents some items and furnishings such as the desks in the schoolhouse or shared games or other miscellaneous items in the other buildings may not be able to be disinfected.  Disinfectant wipes/ hand sanitizers are available for guests to wipe down any surface and items or their hands at any time.

*  By your presence on the property you accept the personal risk that exposure to COVID-19 or other contagious diseases is possible.  


*  Though every precaution is being taken to the best of the Homestead staff's ability you accept responsibility for taking the steps you personally need to be safe and to protect the health and safety of other guests. 

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