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Making the dream a reality

Picture a beautiful July day in the mountains and you are meeting your cabin mates for the first time. There is the quick establishment of the pecking order as top bunks are "chosen" and bags are stowed. And just like that the 8 of you are best friends and at age 7, your love of all things 'Camp' is born. Fast forward 10 years and you are gathered around a blazing campfire and a somber ceremony is underway. You and several of those same campers from that first cabin are about to graduate from the counselor training program and become a part of the fabric of camp history.

For the next 30 years, through marriage, raising kids and doing 'life' camp is the center around which life revolves. Summer meant, volunteering at camp, and the boys growing up as campers and work crew staff. Family vacations were in the camper after weeks at camp. Winters were spent planning for and working on camp events. And suddenly, the boys are grown and moving into their own homes and it's time to fulfil the dream that has always been there, owning our own camp!

And surprise, after a few years of living in the camper, we were enjoying a weather lay over at Ft. Robinson State Park and found an 'antique auction' taking place and the dream becomes reality!

So, here we are, the owners of High Plains Homestead in rural Nebraska. This amazing place that houses up to 32 people in bunks plus RV sites, and showcases an authentic 1880's village and an endless sky that tempts you to contemplate the vastness and reality of God, is now our home!

The six years we have been here have flown by. The reality is an ongoing labor of love and time. The maintenance and improvements to the property are continuous. Goals for continued expansion of the property to make the 'camp' experience even better include the old cookhouse building becoming a lodge, and so much more...…

But for now the guests come and fill the village with laughter and they each experience a bit of the wonder of 'camp'. Out here in the vast landscape and deep silence they begin to grasp the awesomeness of creation and have a chance to just be still and soak it all in.

We are humbled to be able to live out our dream and spend our retirement years at 'camp'! God is so good! We invite all of you to come and experience this amazing place. We would love it if our booking calendar filled with groups like church camps, retreats and reunions. Our heart has always been to give everyone the opportunity to experience 'camp'. Weather as a group, or family or wondering traveler, here at the Homestead you can find that place where the noise stops just long enough for you to hear God speak and revive your soul.

Safe Travels, and Welcome to the Homestead!

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