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Home of the Drifter Cookshack & Bunkhouse

Family Operated Since 1998!

Sunset at the High Plains Homestead.

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For the 2019 Season!

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We look forward to working with Neal and Heather as they transition into the outfit's lead ram-rod position. We know that you can expect the same level of hospitality and service from them as you did the High Plains Homstead crew and the Kesselrings over the last 20 years.

High Plains Homestead Will Be Celebrating Our 21th Anniversary In 2019!

Map to High Plains Homestead

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Give us a call at 308-665-2592 or e-mail at!

An old-west cowtown is slowly coming alive on the windswept prairie of northwest Nebraska, surrounded by rugged badlands and framed by trees of our beautiful Pine Ridge. Amongst the ruggedness and beauty, rejuvenate your spirit through a wide variety of activities that can only happen here and are only limited by your imagination. Some of the most popular activities include: family "get-togethers" and group retreats for the day or overnight in the Bunkhouse cabins, birding, geocaching, fossil hunting, horseback riding (bring your own horse), mountain biking, hunting of all kinds (turkey, deer, antelope, and prairie dog) and great cowboy cookin' at the Cookshack. Plus, every night, we offer a front row seat to The Best Show in the Universe, right off your front porch

High Plains livin’ any time of the year in the Sand Creek Cabin

High Plains Drifter Cabin photos
High Plains Drifter Cabin photos
High Plains Drifter Cabin photos
High Plains Drifter Cabin photos

The year round, Sand Creek Cabin at High Plains Homestead, is outfitted with a full kitchen giving you the opportunity to rustle up your own grub or eat in the Cookshack. A full living and dining room, 2 bedrooms, and 2 baths provide for a comfortable fit; we can accommodate a few lil’ drifters as well. Arrangements to get them bedded down are simply in the asking. An adjacent indoor game processing (skinning and quartering) area during fall and winter hunting seasons are all part of the deal.

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