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Looking forward

Hey everyone!

So navigating through this first season has been an adventure to say the least. With the snow bomb and soggy spring that we had it got us thinking about what next year will look like. We decided that although in the past the Homestead has opened on the 1st of May, for the 2020 season we will be delaying that to May 10th. Hopefully that will get us a bit further into spring and out of winter storms, and if the weather is really nice we will be doing some general maintenance after the winter season (yay for paint and staining). We will be opening our booking system for next year on September 1st, so if there are specific days that you're looking at for 2020 keep that in mind.

Massive snow bomb storm of 2019 damaged many of the buildings.
2019 Spring on the Homestead. Who knew?

We are looking forward to some family coming to stay with us in August to help us catch up on some repairs to the Homestead as roofing and shoring up some of the buildings after the massive snow storms that we had out here during our first winter is a must. It looks like we will be needing to re-roof the bunk houses, as the storm took off a bunch of those shingles, and so we are looking to you- our comunity for help.

We have been thinking about starting a fundraiser to pay for the roofing job, and we hope that you all will be just as excited about it as we are. Check out our next blog post, and watch our Facebook page to see how you can help us, and possibly earn some prizes doing so!

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