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Our first winter on the Homestead

Moving out to the Homestead at the end of 2018, we knew that we were going to be starting a whole new chapter in our lives. The trips back and forth to Colorado to bring bits of our lives to our new home left us on the road quite a bit, but the serenity of the Nebraska sunset was always waiting for us when we got back.

Coming from Colorado, we were used to the snowy winters, but nothing could have truly prepared us for the snowpocolypse of 2019 that hit the State of Nebraska. The snow came in and had us sheltering in place for a few days and without power and water for a while. When we finally dug our way out and up to the village buildings we had a lot of work waiting.

The snow drifts had covered many of the entrances to buildings.

The snow drifts that had trapped us in the house had also kept us from prepping for our soon approaching first season. However two determined sets of hands and many days had things turning around. In digging out the buildings we found one of our cats hiding under the porch, iced in, but no worse for the experience. Neal manged to hike up the hill every morning to make sure that our bison and burrows were fed and watered, and in anticipation of our newest addition to the Homestead family.

A baby burro has arrived!

We knew that one of our burros was expecting a little one, and low and behold: we had a new arrival in the middle of all that snow. Our baby was wobbling along at mama's side within just an hour or so of being born, and is already nibbling at the spring grasses that are popping up in the pasture. We plan on picking a name for this bundle of joy at our grand opening celebration- so check out our next blog post for details on how you can submit a name (and possibly win a night's stay).

To say that this winter has been an adventure is putting it lightly, but the thing that we really discovered with all the crazy snow? We have found an amazing community of people here in Nebraska, all ready to lend a helping hand or a word of advise to those in need. We are excited to join this group of wonderful people, and to see you all when the season starts!

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