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Roofing and signage! So much to do.

This week has been full of big jobs. Between the spring snow and rain storms we've managed to do quite a bit! The Saloon roof has been done, so guess what? When you tuck in there during one of these bouts of rain, you wont continue to get wet! We also re-painted the sign on the saloon front, as well as touched it up a bit by painting the pillars. We like the way it looks. Don't you? We sealed the floors in the saloon last week, making that building pretty and ready to receive guests. We are putting finishing touches on the community kitchen and we will be posting photos here soon. A large remodel has been going on in Room 2 (The Honeymoon Homesteader) so think about booking your upgraded stay! Photos of that remodel will be coming soon as well.

New roofs, freshly painted picnic tables and a new grill for guests are all part of our ongoing plan to make the Homestead better and better for our visitors and for community use. Projects we are hoping to complete this season are adding gutters to the lodging buildings (imagine getting to your room without getting soaked by the rain... AGAIN), shower doors to replace the curtains, updated kitchenettes in some of the rooms... and the list goes on and on.

As May 1st draws near and we open for day use, we encourage you to think about visiting us when you need to just get out and get away from home for the afternoon. Come walk around, shop in the Mercantile and enjoy the Badlands landscapes.

We hope to see ya soon at the Homestead!

Ps. We are still taking bookings for this season. Lodging opens May 11th (virus restrictions permitting) and we have rooms available through the summer.

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Wow, you’ve been busy! The new roof and painted sign at the Saloon sound great. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the remodels and the community kitchen. Excited about all the improvements and can’t wait to visit the Homestead soon!


It sounds like you've been busy at the Homestead!  The new roofs and fresh paint job for the picnic tables must make a big difference.  Getting ready for the season opening sounds exciting.

With all the spring showers you mentioned, did you face any specific roofing challenges?  Perhaps there are tips you could share for other homesteaders tackling roof repairs or replacements during wet weather.


I think the very first thing to do is to sign the contract and ask roof repair contractors to provide immediate roofing services.

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