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What a year it has been!

Here it is October already! At this time last year we had never even heard of High Plains Homestead, and now here we are looking back at our first year as owners and operators of this amazing place! God has been so good! We have had a wonderful first year and have enjoyed meeting each and every guest that has spent time with us. We are enjoying getting involved in the Crawford community and getting to know the our neighbors. We have been blessed by our association with Cowboy Church of Nebraska and been able to bless the community with their help. As our first season begins to wind down we want to first thank all of you that have supported us in many ways; as guests, mercantile consignors or just friends and neighbors that have been there to answer our questions and offer help and advice. And we want to take some time to look ahead and see where we believe God is taking this ministry in the year to come. We are more convinced everyday that this place needs to become a true group destination location and less of a traditional bed and breakfast. It is almost impossible to really grasp the beauty and the quiet and the awesomeness of this place in an overnight stay. So as we move forward we are hoping to continue the re branding process to become High Plains Homestead "Glampground". As in "Glorified Camping"! So, gather your group, your family reunion, church retreat, youth group, sports team, corporate meeting, wedding or any other event you need a place for and come on out. We will be spending time this winter looking into updating the infrastructure so that we can add the event building that would make this place complete. We are also praying for the right people to come along side us and see the vision as we see. it. We would love to have a volunteer couple or several that would bring their camping rig out and spend a week or month or whole season helping out. We are also looking for someone with a background in the camp dining hall food service system to take our restaurant forward as well. So again thanks for the support and we ask all of you to pray with us about the future of this amazing place and if you are part of the plan, give us a call and lets work together to see just what God is doing here in beautiful North West Nebraska.

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